Draft Racing



Quick introduction:

Draft racing is a custom game mode for League of legends. In this custom game, players score points by running into enemy team's spawn platform. There are many roles in this game, the most popular being runners, defenders, and roamers. The job of a defender is to protect his spawn platform from enemy runners. Runners must try to get to the enemy's spawn platform and score points, using various dashing and blinking abilities. Roamers are an advanced form of defenders which try to kill/weakenrunners before they reach the base. The only way to gain expierience is killing enemy champions, killing neutral monsters or minions is forbidden. You mustn't enter lanes either. Please also read the rules before playing a game. If you need tips check the strategy section!

Here is a picture of the map(red area=forbidden area):

                                                   Join the chat room Draft Racing to talk to and group with other people who want to play!

                                            tl;dr Rules:

1. In order to score a point, player must get to enemy team's fountain
    and die there, if the kill goes to a champion you still gain a point. The
    first team to hit 10 points wins.

2. Players can only gain experience by killing enemy champions,
    jungling or gaining exp from minions is forbidden.

3. The summoner spells teleport and cleanse are forbidden.

4. You mustn't enter the red zone.

5. The ultimates of Nocturne, Twisted Fate, Pantheon and Shen are
    forbidden, you can still use the champions though.
6. Following items are banned: Mercurial scimitar, Quicksilver sash,
    Mejai's soulstealer, Sword of the occult, Bonetooth necklace, Banner
    of command, Guardian angel and Twin shadows.

7. If a team hits 10 points, the enemy team has to surrender.
8. If the enemy team cheats you gain a point.

rules aren't finished yet(if you have suggestions add JohnXY on euw)